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Investment Promotion and International Cooperation-I

Brief about the Scheme

Investment Promotion and International Cooperation- I section (IP&IC-I) of DIPP deals with matters relating to investment promotion and international cooperation in respect of countries/economies in Asia (except West Asia and Japan) and Oceania region.

The major functions are as under:

  1. Promotion and facilitation of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI):

    • Scrutiny and recommendations w.r.to FIPB cases

    • Establishment and operationalisation of CEO’s Forum and Jt. Business Forum with select foreign countries (e.g. Australia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand etc.)

    • Bilateral institutional mechanisms like India-Taiwan Secretary-Vice Ministerial level Economic Consultations, India-China Joint Working Group on ‘Cooperation on Industrial Parks in India’, etc.

    • Organising Investment Promotion events/Make-in-India road shows in association with Embassy/High Commission of India, Ministries/Department of Union/State Governments and apex Business Chambers/Associations (e,g. CII, FICCI) in foreign countries as well as in India .

    • Investment After care: Collecting Investors feedback and organising inter-ministerial meeting to resolve the issues of foreign investors operating in India e.g. issues submitted by investors from Australia, South Korea, China, Taiwan, and Thailand, etc.

    • Bilateral discussions at Ministerial/ Secretary Level

    • Coordination with Ministries/Department of Union/State Governments

  2. International Investment Agreements (IIA):

    • Participation in Negotiations of Bilateral Investment Treaties and Investment chapter under CECA/CEPA with countries/blocs like ASEAN, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Thailand etc.