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Chennai Bengaluru Industrial Corridor (CBIC) Project  

Chennai Bengaluru Industrial Corridor (CBIC) project




During the Summit Meeting held between India and Japan in December 2011, the two Prime Ministers stressed the importance of infrastructure development in the areas between Chennai and Bengaluru, where an increasing number of Japanese companies including SMEs have made direct investments to establish their manufacturing base or other forms of business presence. which planned development and work on related facilities could be taken up expeditiously. The two Prime Ministers directed their officials concerned to speedily operationalise the modalities for preparation of the Comprehensive Integrated Master Plan and get it completed at the earliest.


The corridor between Chennai – Bengaluru – Chitradurga (around 560 km) would have an Influence Area spread across the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The strategy to develop the CBIC is part of the plan to achieve accelerated development and regional industry agglomeration in the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.


A total of 25 priority projects across various sectors have been identified for debottlenecking infrastructure bottlenecks in the region in the preliminary study conducted by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).


Finalisation of ToRs for the perspective planning, master planning and Phase II studies in CBIC: The Terms of Reference (ToRs) for Phase II Study for the CBIC was circulated to all the stakeholders in March, 2013. The final ToRs were discussed in the meeting of PMO held in April, 2013 after consultation with JICA and examination of the comments received from the stakeholders. The ToRs were finalized and shared with JICA.


As per the Terms of Reference, JICA will take steps for the preparation of a Comprehensive Regional Perspective Plan for CBIC region within 6-8 months of mobilisation of the Consultant and the Concept Master Plan and Development Plan for two Industrial Nodes within the next 10-12 months.


JICA has finalized the selection of the consultant for commencing the preparation of a perspective plan for the region and for undertaking preparation of master plans for two nodes. The study will be undertaken by a consortium of consultants comprising M/s Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PWC), Japan and M/s Nippon Koei Company Ltd, Japan. The study team is expected to gather details/ information from the concerned State Governments and line Ministries of the Central Government to complete the study within the agreed time frame. A kick-off meeting with the JICA consultants and the concerned representatives of the State and Central Government for discussing the Inception Report and the preparation of the comprehensive plan (phase-2 study) was held on 15th October, 2013 when the timelines for the study were also discussed. According to the tentative schedule given by the consultants, the timelines are as follows:


Part A – Preparation of Comprehensive Regional Perspective Plan for the overall CBIC Region  

(1st Interim Report) – 13th December, 2013  

(2nd Interim Report) – Mid March, 2014  

(The consultants have submitted the first interim report on 17 Dec 2013. Following the review meeting taken by Adviser to PM on 11 Dec 2013, the consultants also have a revised target to submit their recommendations on the potential nodes for development in the CBIC region by 10th January, 2014 and the same has been received in this Department on 13.01.2014. The consultants have submitted the second Interim Report on 28th March, 2014. )  

Part B – Preparation of Concept Master Plan and Development Plan for Industrial Nodes  

(3rd Interim Report) – Mid July, 2014  

(Draft Interim Report) – Mid December, 2014  

(Final Report) – Mid March, 2015  

Minutes of the kick-off meeting have been shared with the stakeholders. It was decided that periodic meetings with DIPP will be held every month. The letter from Secretary, DIPP to the stakeholders i.e. Chief Secretaries of State Governments and Secretaries of the Union Ministries to extend cooperation and assistance to the JICA study team has been sent as decided in the meeting. A monthly review meeting was held on 8th November, 2013 in Udyog Bhawan and appropriate decisions for facilitating the study were taken. Another review meeting with the Government of Tamil Nadu was held on 18th November, 2013 and the State Government was requested to furnish all requisite data/ information.


A review under the chairmanship of the Adviser to PM was held on 11th December, 2013. The Study Team has furnished the draft Interim Report – I on 17th December, 2013 which has been sent to the stakeholder States/Ministries for their comments/observations. A review meeting under the chairmanship of Adviser to PM to review the CBIC Projects was also held on 13.01.2014 in Chennai. The consultants have held discussions with the State Governments of Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka on selection of potential nodes in the region and have finalized their recommendations. The Interim Report –II of the study is being shared with the States and other stakeholders for comments.


Prioritized Projects identified in the Preliminary Study by JICA  

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